About recruitment application


I am a Vietnamese overseas student in Japan. When should I apply for a graduate job?

We are hiring new graduates whole year and looking forward to receiving your CV.


I am a Vietnamese living in Japan. I have studied Japanese language, but there is no degree or experience in accounting and taxation field. How can I apply for your job?

Accounting and taxation can be learned with on the job after you join with us. At I-GLOCAL, there are many Vietnamese (or Cambodians) who are fluent in Japanese and in charge in not only accounting, tax, but also investment and business consulting.


Are you hiring you Japanese new graduates?

Currently, we are just hiring mid career Japanese.

About recruitment selection


Please tell me about the selection process.

If you are currently in Japan, we will conduct an aptitude test and interviews (face-to-face or online) at our Tokyo office and on-site (Vietnam or Cambodia). If you are in Vietnam or Cambodia, you can choose to expect at the our office for will have to conduct the first interview, aptitude test, and final interview at the office you want to work. There may be multiple interviews before the final interview.

About the work place


Is it possible to choose the work place?

It is possible.
During the recruitment selection process, we will ask applicant about the preference for the work place, and make selection on the assumption that applicant will be hired at that work place.


Will there be a change in work location?

If applicant has requirement, they can change the work place.
There is a Vietnamese who joined the Ho Chi Minh office and a few years later moved to the Hanoi office due to family reasons, and a Japanese who has worked at 4 work locations of our company.

About training after joining the company


How much training is there after joining the company?

We also conduct in-house training and seminars for our customers, and we also put a lot of effort into our own internal training.
For the first few months after joining the company, applicant will concentrate on training only, and after that applicant will be doing OJT (On-the-Job-Training) under the guidance of an experienced consultant.

About work


How much overtime do I have?

Vietnam has a maximum overtime limit of 200 hours per year and we comply with it, so amount of overtime is low.
Tokyo office and Cambodia office do not encourage overtime, and it is also generally within 200 hours per year.