PMI SupportPost-Acquisition Integration Work

  • I-GLOCALは、ベトナムM&Aの成否を左右するPMIを強力に推進します。
I-GLOCAL has strongly promoted PMI activity,
which determines the success or failure of a M&A project in Vietnam.

What is PMI?

This is the process of identifying and solving management issues that hinder
the acquisition target’s long-term growth as a member of the parent company’s group.
※ PMI means Post Merger Integration, which is post-acquisition integration work

Procedures and workflow for acquisition by stock acquisition in Vietnam

1Negotiation of terms
Negotiation of terms
  • Such as:
  • Due Diligence (DD)・
    Various condition negotiations
  • Valuation
  • Sign of LOI
  • Acquisition terms agreement
2M&A execution
M&A execution
  • Such as:
  • Procedure of revising the Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC) /
    Investment Registration Certificate (IRC)
  • Declaration and tax payment of capital gains
  • Dissemination and penetration of management vision
  • Integration of various divisions:
    -Sales / Purchasing / Production management
    -Accounting / Finance / Governance
    -Human Resourse / Labor Management

Risk of insufficient PMI

General risks
  • Performance is under expectations at the time of acquisition
  • Delaying in settlement work
  • Inappropriate accounting and tax treatment
  • Employee turnover / lack of motivation
Vietnam special risks
  • Fraud
  • A large amount of additional taxation in a tax audit
  • Undeveloped internal rules and language barrier

Our services

Our PMI support team will confirm the issues at the company and promote services according
to the issues with a sense of speed.

Case studies of services according to challenges

Accounting tax
Accounting tax Accounting tax
  • Response to risks identified through due diligence (DD) (abolition of double books, etc.)
  • Support to speed up the monthly business report・Monthly business report support
  • Measuring for post-acquisition tax audits
  • Confirmation of differences between subsidiary accounting policies and parent company consolidated PKG accounting policies
Internal control governanceInternal control governance Internal control
  • Confirmation of the actual situation of operations centered on accounting work
  • Checking the status of basic internal controls such as segregation of duties
  • Supporting for documenting various regulations
  • Internal audit to check the operational status of regulations
Fraud compliance measures
Fraud compliance measuresFraud
compliance measures
  • Attendance management・Salary calculation procedure・Reviewing social insurance enrollment status
  • Reviewing internal regulations
  • Compliance training for employees
  • Supporting to documentation of compliance regulations

Why should you choose I-GLOCAL?

Core members with professional qualifications

Core members with professional qualifications

Our PMI team consists mainly of members with the following professional qualifications:

  • Japanese Certified Public Accountant / Tax Accountant
  • Vietnamese Certified Public Accountant / Tax Accountant
    Members with Japanese-Vietnamese bilinguals, or more than 10 years working experience at I-GLOCAL.
  • Certified Fraud Examiner

Overwhelming track record of support for Japanese companies

We proudly have got the largest number of customers and projects for Japanese companies in Vietnam, and we have provided in-depth and detailed support based on a thorough knowledge of the needs and positions of both the parent company and the Vietnamese subsidiary.

Speedy support system

Our person in charge will check the progress on site, share it with the relevant parties in a timely manner, and support bottleneck elimination.

PMI support flow from I-GLOCAL


Assignment confirmation
Assignment confirmation

Through interviews with the person in charge of the parent company, we will identify issues, including those that have not surfaced in DD, etc.


Design and proposal
Design and proposal

We will design and propose support content, schedule, project management system.



Considering the needs and workload of the subsidiary, we coordinate the optimal business content for both the parent company and the subsidiary in Vietnam.


Implementation of PMI
Implementation of PMI

Promoting PMI while making timely course corrections through regular progress reports.


Follow-up after PMI completion
Follow-up after PMI completion

We check whether the established management system has deteriorated.

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