Contractors Tax
Foreign Contractors Tax

Foreign Contractor Tax – a special tax of Vietnam

What is Foreign Contractor Tax?

Foreign Contractor Tax or Foreign Contractor Withholding Tax –
abbreviated as FCT, FCWT, is a tax applied when foreign legal entities provide services to a Vietnamese legal entities.
In other words , it’s the tax that applies to the expenses payable by Vietnamese legal entity
(not the revenue/profit of the Vietnamese legal entity). The taxable party can be a foreign legal entity or a Vietnamese legal entity,
it’s depending on the provisions of the contract. However, taxpayer must be a Vietnamese legal entity.

Subjects to FCT Technical support fees: 10,000,000 JPY
※ Either party can bear the tax.


FCT includes 2 types of taxes – Value Added Tax (VAT) and Corporate Income Tax (CIT), each tax have difference

Content VAT
Product trading with services, exporting on the spot Tax Exemption 1
Construction, installation which does not include bidding for materials or machinery and equipment 5 2
Construction, installation which is including materials or machinery and equipment; transportation services, production 3 2
General services, equipment rental 5 5
Interest rate Tax Exemption 5
Copyright fee Tax Exemption 10
Copyright fee management services for the trademark use ; restaurant , hotel, casino management services 5 10
Securities transfer, reinsurance Tax Exemption 0.1
Derivative financial products Tax Exemption 2

The reason why FCT
is important

FCT is only in Vietnam, so the regulations are difficult to explain.
However, FCT has a big effect on Vietnamese businesses that have transactions with foreign partners, so this tax is quite important.

  • Wide range of taxable objects
  • Contract signed with foreign organization, individual.
  • Many points need to attention on the way specified in the contract
  • The taxable party is definite in the contract
  • Declare and pay tax within 10 days from the date of payment
  • Easily pointed out as a violation when tax inspection in Vietnam

Examples when consulting
on Foreign Contractor Tax

We provide a wide range of consultations from basic questions to specific cases.

  • What is FCT?
  • Do all transactions need to be reviewed to check which transactions are subject to contractor tax?
  • Until now we have not filed the FCT, is there any retrospective tax payment during tax inspection?
  • Will tax amount change based on the ways on writing the contract?
  • How is the FCT different from the Japanese withholding tax?
  • If already taxed in Japan, is it possible to avoid being taxed according to the regulation of the agreement to avoid double taxation? Is it possible to deduct taxes paid abroad?
  • Is it true that when sending people to work under a technical support contract, we need to pay both FCT and PIT?
  • FCT is a tax applied on services, so is it taxable when importing equipment items?
  • Is FCT applicable in international trade terms?

I-GLOCAL also supports
Foreign Contractor Tax
related services

I-GLOCAL also has a lot of knowledge and practical experience in Foreign Contractor Tax.

I-GLOCAL is providing Tax – Accounting services for over 1,000 Japanese enterprises currently, we solved problems with a high expertise.
Based on practical experiences, I-GLOCAL is confident to support enterprises invest in Vietnam
by the most suitable way to help businesses avoid potential risks or unnecessary taxes.
With a variety of support forms, we will try to support companies to expand investment to Vietnam
Consulting on Foreign Contractor Tax is
conducted any time through Annual Consulting Contract!

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