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[Labor] Digitalization of Work Permit and Visa Application Procedures in Hanoi


Recently, Vietnamese authorities have been digitizing administrative procedures. In fact, some administrative procedures in Hanoi are now conducted online through the authorities’ website. Below is an overview of the procedures applicable to companies when carrying out work permit and visa application procedures in Hanoi.

1. Procedures for issuing work permits
(i)Steps to recruit Vietnamese workers for positions where foreign workers are expected to be hired (applicable from January 1, 2024).

According to a recent request from the Hanoi Department of Labor, labor employers shall create an enterprise account on the website of the Hanoi Employment Service Center ( and carry out the procedure of entering recruitment information online. The recruitment information must be consistent with the content of the “Description of the plan to use foreign workers” in the next step. In addition, as soon as the recruitment information is posted, the company must save the job link and a screenshot of the job information and provide it to the Ministry of Labor as evidence in the next step.

(ii)Steps to finalize the plan to use foreign workers and apply for the issuance of work permits.

As of recently, the Hanoi Department of Labor only accepts online applications at the Public Service Portal ( and does not allow direct submission of documents. Upon receipt of the recent application approval email, the result will be notified directly to the Hanoi Department of Labor. Recently, the Hanoi Department of Labor has waived the fee for issuing or re-issuing work permits for enterprises and organizations.

2. Procedures for foreigners applying for entry visas

As of recently, this procedure, from the submission of documents to the receipt of results, has been conducted entirely online through the Department’s website (

Prior to the recent submission of the application documents, companies are required to use a digital signature(token) to create a dedicated account. They then apply for the issuance of an electronic account on the Ministry of Public Security’s Public Service page ( This process usually takes 7-14 days, so you should allow plenty of time for your schedule.

Recently, and according to the request of the Hanoi Department of Immigration, it is also necessary to carry out the electronic authentication procedure at the district/district People’s Committee before uploading documents that require signatures and seals as well as attached documents such as work permits, company registration certificates, etc. to the website.

The above are just some of the precautions according to our practical experience in Hanoi when we conducted the procedures for issuing work permits and visas. Companies located in Hanoi are requested to use the above as a reference for future procedures.

As the procedures may differ from region to region, companies located in other provinces and regions are recommended to check with the competent authorities for specific guidance.


*This article was translated by Yarakuzen.